We currently carry mulch in the options of bulk and bagged. Their prices vary based on the product desired. Our bagged mulches come in 2 cu. ft. bags and run $3.99 per bag or 3 bags for $11.99. We carry the following varieties:

  • Chocolate
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Cypress
  • Red Cedar

We are often asked, "if I go the bag route, how many bags equals one yard?". The answer to that question is 13.5 bags is equal to one yard!

Our bulk mulch is top quality material and can either be loaded into the back of your open truck bed or trailer, as well as delivered to your desired address by one of our one ton dump trucks. Our mulch is sold by the yard and a 3 yard minimum (Corporate Location) - 4 yard minimum (Byron Location) is required for delivery. We carry colored (dyed) mulch as well as all-natural material. The types and prices are as follows below:

  • Chocolate - Suggested Retail $49.99...SALE price $32.99 per yard (order online)
  • Red - Suggested Retail $49.99...SALE price $32.99 per yard (order online)
  • Gold - Suggested Retail $49.99...SALE price $32.99 per yard (order online)
  • Light Hardwood - Suggested Retail $39.99...SALE price $28.99 per yard (order online)
  • Double Processed Natural Oak -Suggested Retail $39.99...SALE price $28.99 per yard (order online)
  • Cedar - Suggested Retail $59.99...SALE price $47.99 per yard (order online)
  • Economy Wood Chip Mulch - Suggested Retail $19.99...SALE price $14.99 per yard (order online)
Delivery Charges

Delivery is based upon where you live and is charged per truck load delivered. A 3-4 yard minimum (depending on location ordered) is required for delivery and we can fit 10 yards in a truck. We can only deliver one type of material at a time, as our truck box lifts straight up and dumps everything at once...mixing loads is not available. You do not have to be home at time of delivery, as long as we know where you want it dumped or the spot is marked.

*Reminder* - We have ONE TON dump trucks and they are heavy. If you ask us to drive off of your driveway, we are not responsible for any marks, ruts or divets left in your lawn.

Please check out our Mulch ordering online page to see our updated delivery charges.