Tree Planting

Want a tree planted at your home or business, but do not want to do the manual labor yourself? Leave it to our landscaping crew here at Meridian Nursery to do it for you!

The process works like this:

  1. Pick out the tree(s) you would like planted from our vast selection.
  2. A sales associate will take all of your information including your name, address, phone number, time frame in which you would like the tree to be planted (depends on our already scheduled landscape jobs), the color of mulch you would like around the tree and where you would like it to be planted in your yard.
  3. We will then take flagging tape out to the tree you picked out and mark it with a sold tag including your last name.
  4. You will be given a stake to place in the ground at the spot you want the tree planted. That is the area we will have JULIE mark.
  5. We will take care of calling JULIE the week of, as it is company policy that we do so. We will tell them to only mark the area that the stake is in. If you already called JULIE, we will have to do so again.
  6. The day of the planting, we will call you to make sure everything is still good to go. You DO NOT have to be home for us to plant the tree. The spot just needs to be accessible and pets need to be secure. If you have a fence, the opening needs to be big enough for us to get our ball cart through.

The price of planting is $250.00 per tree within a 10 mile radius of the nursery. A location further than that distance will incur an additional fee added to your bill. Planting fee includes the delivery, topsoil, mulch and the labor to plant. If you purchase 3 or more trees, the price of planting per tree will be decreased.